Wellness starts at Lootraki's doorstep

We will help you disconnect!

As soon as you arrive in our guest house, we will put you in the Cretan rhythm by giving you the best advice to make the most of this wonderful place: waking up to the singing of the birds and the church bells, long swims in the sea, delicious and relaxing meals in the mountain taverns...


The Cretans know how to live (and live long) thanks to a thousand-year-old diet but also a philosophy of life that is unique to them: human first! Even in the middle of summer, when the season is in full swing, families gather around a meal in a restaurant, friends during long coffee breaks with a sea view.


Here, we live with the rhythm of the seasons, with nature and what it provides. Many visitors leave this magical island relaxed and won over by this attractive way of life... only to return later!  


At Lootraki, we have been inspired by the sweetness of the Cretan way of life and we have created a range of services that will add the missing touch of happiness to your stay: body treatments through restorative yoga and Thai massage

Thai traditional massages on demand

Treat yourself to 1 hour of happiness!

Performed by Christos Fydanis, certified Thai masseur and prominent member of the guesthouse. Offered in the on-site yoga studio, three different massages are available:

  • Traditional Thai full body massage / 1h15 / €40
  • Thai abdominal massage / 45 minutes / €30
  • Foot reflexology massage / 45 minutes / 30 

Reservations required. Family and couple discounts available.


Restorative Yoga Classes

Deep relaxation guaranteed!

Restorative yoga is a gentle, relaxing, regenerative practice in which the body and mind are invited to deep relaxation. It was Judith Hanson Lasater, an American physiotherapist and yoga teacher, who developed this method in the 1970s.


The postures practiced in restorative yoga are simple. There is no question of acrobatics, stretching or even strength. The postures should allow the practitioner to recover. Each person is therefore guided to find the greatest possible comfort in each pose.


It is the multiple supports (straps, blocks, pads, blankets and bolster) that help the students slip into the poses and sometimes stay there for up to 20 minutes. This immobility creates the optimal conditions for our self-healing capacity to emerge and naturally regenerate the body and mind.


Possibility to join the already scheduled sessions (see agenda below) by booking 48 hours in advance.

  • Group session on Tuesday or Thursday (6pm-7pm): 5€.
  • Tailor-made session: 30€ (to be divided between the participants - group of 4 maximum)