Why should you learn scuba diving with me?

Because I am an experienced and passionate instructor, first. By sharing my love for the underwater world, you will access a fun and safe experience, with a lot of side learnings: physiology and anatomy, underwater environment, local History, etc. Scuba diving is a journey and you should always learn it with someone enthusiast! 

Become a fish...

Credits Luca Castignani
Credits Luca Castignani

You will certainly never forget this very first feeling : levitating under water, breathing on your regulator that you'd have already forgotten, overwhelmed by this new exciting feeling, and getting finally close to this marine world you've always imagined. 

It is an experience of a lifetime. Once you've stepped in the water with some scuba gear, you'll never look at the sea the same way as before!


...It's accessible!

Credits Quentin Meeus
Credits Quentin Meeus

Let's say it, scuba diving is not a sport, it is a hobby. Scuba diving is pleasure and fun. It is not about performance, it is about having a safe and pleasant time, an escape from the daily routine. 

Because it is a very accessible activity, because the underwater world worth to be discovered by anyone on this planet, scuba diving suits to ALL.  

How will you learn ?

Credits Quentin Meeus
Credits Quentin Meeus

You will learn by teaching yourself scuba diving! The instructor is the guardian of standards that make your course safe and efficient, he is the keeper of your fun and pleasure, but in the end, you will make it all. 

From the entry-level courses through the professional levels, my approach is the same : I am a garant of your success and ensure you'll become a skilled scuba diver. 

Your age, your social origins, your education background don't matter at all: my duty is to prove you that becoming a great scuba diver is accessible. 


From 8 years old onward, there are programs and courses for everyone, every ambition! 

Where will you learn?

The best answer would be: in the water!

You will need to study some theory at some point. There are many options that allow you to start studying even before you come to visit us. 

The most important is to get wet! 

Step by step, you will learn to handle the scuba gear and earn confidence in the water, in the best local conditions and the best equipment. 

What is PADI, my professional organisation?

PADI, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors is the first worldwide diving organization. PADI instructors have been teaching scuba diving to hundred thousands people for decades and have brought up, along with their passion, an entire generation of safe and happy divers. 

PADI provides a teaching guideline with compulsory standards to their instructors, elaborating programs for all ages and all abilities. It is a guarantee for you, as a student, that you will learn safely how to enter the underwater world, with the latest teaching methods. 

At the end of each certifying course, you will receive a certification card from PADI with the number of identification of both your dive instructor and dive base. 


For the younger ones:


from 8 until 10 years old


Bubblemaker & Seal Team programs

Introduction to scuba diving (Bubblemaker course) and first full preparative course to the Junior Open Water Diver (Seal Team Program) for the very young in shallow water and swimming-pool like conditions 

Bubblemaker course (all inclusive*, one day) : 75€

Seal Team program (all inclusive*, two days) : 150€


From 10 years old** onward


an entry-level course divided in 3 subsets that can be done at your pace depending on what you wish:


Day 1 Discover Scuba Diving

a proper introduction to Scuba Diving with a certificate valid up to one year to continue your course in any PADI dive center

If you achieve that, the course will cost you 75€ (all inclusive*)


Day 2 Scuba Diver 

The first lifetime certification that allows you to dive up to 12 meters deep under the surpervision of a dive professional 

If you achieve that, the course (from day 1) will cost you 350€ (all inclusive*)


Day 3 & 4: Open Water Scuba Diver  

The final stage of the course that will allow you to be a certified open water diver: you'll be entitled to dive with a buddy up to 18 meters (2 more days course)


If you achieve that, the whole course from day 1 will cost you 650€ (all inclusive*)


*Including theory classes, confined water dives, open water dives, material, diving equipment, certification and transfers from and to the dive center

**Children between 10 and 14 will get exactly the same training at the exception that they will be qualified as "Junior Scuba Diver'' or "Junior Open Water Diver", for more details, contact us here 


Credits Quentin Meeus
Credits Quentin Meeus
Credits Céline Jaccoberger
Credits Céline Jaccoberger
Credits Quentin Meeus
Credits Quentin Meeus

No pressure, no further expectation than the simple pleasure of becoming a happy scuba diver ! You start and end up your journey whenever you feel ! 

For the existing divers who want to carry on learning:

Rescue course


To sign up in a rescue Diver course, you just need to be 12 years old minimum, to be an Adventure Diver (see above) and possess a valid EFR (less than 24 months old).


EFR course (one day, all inclusive*): 150€

Rescue Diver Course (3 days minimum, all inclusive*): 350€                         

 * including course, material, certification, diving gear and transfers from and to the dive center


Specialty courses, Adventure Diver

and Advanced Open Water


After your Open Water Course, you have several options:

You could take the time to improve your skills in one or many fields: buoyancy, underwater photography, Enriched Air!

Or just opt for 3 special dives of your choice and become an Adventure Diver!

And then, why not take a navigation and a deep dive and achieve the Advanced Open Water Course!


Adventure Diver (all inclusive* - 3 specialty dives) : 225€

Advanced Open Water Diver (5 specialty dives, including navigation and deep, all inclusive*) : 450€

Specialty courses : on request, if interested please contact us here

 * including course, material, certification, diving gear and transfers from and to the dive center



Dive Master Course


The Dive Master course is the first PADI professional level, and whatever are your future plans with it, it is a course that requires a consequent personal involvement. 
In order to focus on the practice whilst you will be here, I offer distance learning that you can start as soon as you've pre-booked the course.  

We offer a COURSE, including a serious TRAINING, but not an internship. Be aware that internships are often an excuse to employ qualified professionals for free in exchange of a discounted training. If you would like to learn more about the job after you've passed the final exam, you are welcome to spend some time as an observer at the diving center, at your expense. However, we encourage you to apply for a regularly remunerated job after your certification, whenever you will feel ready. You will be fully qualified to apply for a professional position and experience will come as soon as you will be in charge of your first divers. 


We offer special accommodation fares for the Dive Master trainees. 


For prices and availabilities, contact us here