Did you ever think that Crete could be a gorge-ous place ?

Crete is famous for many reasons: the food, the beauty of the sea and a quiet and peaceful life that allow anyone to chill out for a holiday time. More rarely, the island is known for its gorgeous mountains and their derived formations: gorges.


Here are some facts that should convince rock lovers that Crete can be their heaven too:



  • Sparse vegetation and barren rocks prevail in most places on Crete. Geological layers, rifts and folds are obvious almost everywhere. Grey limestone atop mountain peaks and vertical cliffs, deep and narrow dark canyons, refreshing in the heat of the summer. Steep shores, shiny greenish schist, pale phyllite, light limestone eroded by rain and wind, fertile yellowish marlstone…It’s all here ! No wonder Crete is a multicolour island.


  • Some of them are very famous and highly frequented by fancy hikers (i.e. Samaria Gorges in the western Crete) and some of them are off the beaten tracks : wild and secretive. Most of our gorges around Lootraki Guesthouse are much more alike the latter 😉


  • You can climb them along with a professional and a full equipment, you can skip in their water puddle or even take a bath under their waterfalls, or you can just stroll at their bottom in the silence of their high walls. You can even start up the mountain and end up on a desert creek, with a dip in the sea. What else could you ask for ?


  • There’s always a surprise awaiting you in these special places: a lost goat on the top of the cliff staring at you whilst chewing a bunch of fresh or dried herbs, a fig tree full of ripen fruits ready to feed you, a ruined house covered of vegetation or an unexpected allotment full of vegetables in the middle of nowhere, an impressive vulture flying high in the sky...


  • For families, we have some special activity cards that allow children to enjoy even more actively their walk through the local gorges, with plenty of hints to seek.


  • A couple of hours walk in the gorges of Kritsa, family friendly, up to a full day hiking in the wet and watered Richtis gorges, there are many options and for sure one will suit you !


What are you waiting for 😊 ? Contact us @guesthouselootraki@gmail.com for more information !


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