Know your cephalopods

They may end up in your plate if you are a fish lover whilst you are on Crete. Cephalopods, and particularly octopuses, are one of the main resources of the sea and one of the most appreciated Cretan meal. But you may as well meet them in shallow or deep water whilst you wonder with your snorkel or scuba gear.

 Captivating animals, incredibly intelligent, master of camouflage, versatile and amazingly agile,  they are amongst the animal species the most studied on our planet.

Source : https://laughingsquid.com/know-your-cephalopods/

Cephalopods are very different from a specie to another, but they are all characterized by quite a prominent head, the symbol of their intelligence. Since a very famous octopus, named Paul, has been put into the spotlights with his surprising matches prognostics during the 2010 football World Cup, cephalopods skills are not secret anymore. 


Source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLkKiVIBxXU

Who's been lucky enough to observe them under water know how much they are social, playing, intelligent and agile creatures. 

In the cretan waters, they are a very largely represented specie, and they can't wait to meet you!

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